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June 18, 2011

Over at Babble, there’s a new post. The personal blogs seem to be even more secret than before; it’s now impossible to see whether anyone has updated, which was probably a problem for the other bloggers who, presumably, HAD.  I, as you know, did nothing of the sort, till now.  Anyway, there it is–in a rare fit of priority-straightening, I decided to update the blog that pays (a miniscule amount) before updating the one that doesn’t.

Thank you, as ever, for clicking and reading.

(Update:  There is also something weird going on with comments at Babble–they pile up and wait for me to approve them, instead of just appearing.  Because I have limited access to the blog, I can’t seem to set anything the way I can on my own website (they’re both WordPress sites, so it should be the same…alas.)  Anyway, I will approve every comment as soon as I can.)

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  1. June 24, 2011 11:37 pm

    I just got a snarky note from my Babble blog when I was responding to comments that I was “Posting comments too quickly. Slow Down.” Aren’t there internet ads showing people downloading stuff faster than the speed of a rocket or something? Slow down? I type at a good clip but not fast enough that it should confuse the internet. (Or maybe I should be flattered? No, I’ll stick with annoyed.)

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