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I started writing here after my divorce was final.  The two years prior to my separation were horrible; the year that followed was worse.  The next year was better, and things have improved steadily since.  If you’re reading this in despair, take heart.  I didn’t think I’d ever feel halfway normal again, but I was wrong.

If you’re going to read the archives, it might make sense to do so in order:  the website begins with this entry.

Please, feel free to comment with concerns of your own–not necessarily topics related to what I’ve written about on any particular day–if you’d like.  I have lucked into many smart, insightful, helpful readers from all over the world–they may well be able to offer solace and advice.  Alternately, if you’d like to ask me a divorce or separation related question anonymously, email me directly and I’ll happily oblige.

I’m at irretrievablybroken at gmail dot com.

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